WIFI enabled infrastructure with built in 8 hours power pack up.

Active Bluetooth IDs - No need to tap and go / Attractive ID Cards.

We offer the entire solution in SAAS(Software As A Service) model with subscription fees

tturk | School Students Tracking Bluetooth ID Card

TTURK is a culmination of thought process towards addressing prevailing issues of Student Safety and Tracking using Bluetooth Low Energy ID cards. This led to the expectation of information updates for parents right from the child steps out from home to school and returns back.

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Web Parent Portal

Keep parents / guardians informed in detail about their child's safety through any device.

Parent App

Provide apps to parents / guardians regarding school bus tracking events & scjool notifications.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real Time info with the help of GPS tracking for convinence, Safety & quick action in case of emergency.

Communication Centre

Parents and Teachers can get in touch with each other at all times with the tracking feature.
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tturk client school
tturk client school

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